Peer Review Process

All papers, solicited and unsolicited, will be first assessed by the Managing Editor or one of the Editors. Papers found unsuitable in terms of the overall requirements of the journal will be returned. If suitable, the manuscripts will be sent to Reviewers for detailed review. We carry out single-blind peer review process. Authors of these papers will be notified of acceptance, need for revision or rejection of the paper. It may be noted that papers once rejected cannot be resubmitted. However, if the Editor or Reviewer recommends resubmission after detailed revision, the same will be communicated to the authors. 

Review details: The RRBB peer reviews all the material it receives. We aim to reach a first decision on all manuscripts within two or three weeks of submission.
We may screen a research article initially by reading only the abstract, so abstracts should be as complete, accurate, and clear as possible. If the work does not seem to fit in the RRBB, it may be better sent straight to another journal with a more specialist or local readership.

For original research articles one editor will usually take each article through from start to finish. The RRBB team of research editors aims to read all of newly submitted research articles normally within two working days. If the article is potentially suitable for the RRBB that editor will send your article to three external peer reviewers.
We aim to reach a final decision on publication within four to six weeks of submission for all articles. If we make an offer of publication subject to revision we usually ask authors to return their articles to us within two weeks.